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My artistic practice revolves around capturing the essence of fleeting moments. By meticulously selecting palettes and employing expressive gestures, I create abstract forms that invite viewers on a transformative journey. Each brushstroke and element choice serves as a means to evoke emotions, provoke introspection, and challenge our understanding of reality. In today's fast-paced world, my art offers a sanctuary for reflection, encouraging viewers to connect with their inner selves and explore their memories and personal narratives. Through the deliberate interplay of colors, I evoke visceral responses, while inviting viewers to contemplate their own beliefs, perceptions, and experiences. By immersing themselves in the vibrant symphony of my paintings, viewers may discover new insights and expand their perspectives. Ultimately, my art aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity of human experiences, promoting empathy and connection among viewers.

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"Whispers of Existence" captures life's transience, inspiring us to find beauty within complexity.

Whispers of Existence 

Art redefines truth, challenges norms, broadens perspective.

That Which Was to Be Proven 

Capturing the unsettling "Shadow of Doubt."

Shadow of Doubt

The painting, titled "A Serene Decision," captures the essence of navigating choices in a visually compelling way. Contrasting elements dominate the composition, symbolizing the push and pull of conflicting options we often face. Swirls of color (orangeish, pinkish, red, with yellow and white) and fragmented shapes could represent the overwhelming nature of decision-making.
However, amidst this chaos, the artist introduces elements (three main rectangles intertwined; one red, one grey, and one a black outline of a rectangle only) that promote a sense of calm and introspection. 
Overall, A Serene Decision uses contrasting elements to depict the complexity of choices, while emphasizing the importance of finding inner peace to navigate them effectively.  It's a reminder to quiet the external noise and listen to our intuition as we make decisions that resonate with our true selves.

A Serene Decision 

Quantum Tapestry evokes a sense of intricate connections and interwoven elements. Imagine a rich soundscape where various instruments and textures come together to create a unified and beautiful piece of music. This artwork uses a similar approach, but instead of sound, it uses a combination of elements to invite you to explore its complexity.
The artist uses a variety of colors (green, grey, white, burgundy, pink, and black), shapes (Layout into a grid much like the Yosegire quilts), and textures to depict the concept of harmonious complexity. Imagine a textured landscape, where smooth and rough areas interweave, or a melody where high and low notes combine to create a pleasing harmony. These contrasting elements work together to form a unified whole, much like a quilt meticulously crafted from diverse fabric pieces.

Quantum Tapestry

Forest for the Trees

Artwork shows fall's impact, inviting reflection on transformative events.

And We All Fall Down

Safe womb seeks deeper understanding.

Something About the Womb

Artistic portrayal highlights crisis of red tides.


The painting blends themes of family heritage and personal growth, inspiring reflection on familial bonds and storytelling.


Dance of Determinism is a thought-provoking painting that hints at a complex interplay between two opposing forces. Imagine a powerful dance performance where two dancers move in a constant push and pull. One dancer might represent order and predictability, while the other embodies chaos and chance.
The artist uses a vibrant palette of colors to depict this dance. White and gray might suggest a sense of structure and order, while yellowish green and purple could introduce an element of surprise and the unknown.  There is also a veiled circular element that can symbolize order amidst the chaos. 
The overall feeling of the artwork is one of dynamic energy. Imagine a swirling vortex of color and texture, where there is no single, clear form. This could represent the ever-changing interplay between fate (determinism) and chance (randomness) in our lives.
The inspiration for this artwork comes from the ideas of Lucretius, a Roman philosopher who pondered the role of chance in the universe,

Dance of Determinism

Unveiling Self, explores the concept of finding your true self amidst societal expectations.
The artist uses the idea of layers to represent the pressure to conform to societal norms. Imagine a rough, textured surface (a kind of splattering, dripping, and layering of multiple colors primarily red, orange, blue, yellow, white, black) that is slowly being covered by a smoother, more uniform layer (a poured on pale blue dripping both from above and from below). This expanse could represent the way that our true selves can become hidden by expectations from others and begins to cover the words “Exist” and “Existence” which are made with construction mesh and the text from Dostoevsky, “Notes Form the Underground.”
Despite these layers, the painting suggests that our true selves are still there. The rough texture might still be detectable beneath the smooth surface, or there might be breaks in the uniformity that hint at what lies beneath.

Unveiling Self

Art reveals flaws in language, prompts reflection on miscommunication.

The Space Between Words

Internalized emotions: difficult to convey.

Emotional Slush

Vibrant art conveys emotional struggles.


This is a thought-provoking abstract painting that explores the connection between humans and the natural world.
It’s Just a Plant highlights shared basic needs such as rest, sunlight, exercise, and healthy relationships. The painting uses contrasting or complementary colors (bluish green, white, pink, and red) to represent humans and plants, and uses these colors to show their interconnectedness.
The title of the artwork is It’s Just a Plant and the description mentions the hemp plant’s properties and its controversial history. Hemp is a plant with many uses, including food, clothing, and medicine. 
Overall, It’s Just a Plant is an invitation to consider the ways in which humans and plants rely on each other.

It's Just a Plant

The Metronome is a vivid soundscape translated onto canvas. Imagine a symphony of color bursting forth, filled with rich, contrasting hues (Orange, Red, Pale Blue, Pink, and Black) that play off each other like musical notes. The energetic brushstrokes themselves dance across the canvas, creating a sense of movement and rhythm. 

There's no single focal point, but rather an invitation to explore the interplay of color and texture. The overall feeling is one of excitement and joy, as if the painting itself vibrates with a dynamic energy. 

While no specific objects are easily identifiable, the title The Metronome hints at a connection to the rhythmic structure of music (excerpt from pages of hymnal music). This might help evoke the experience of listening to a lively, complex piece where instruments interweave to create a unified soundscape.

The Metronome

Confetti Puddles

Momento Mori

Colorful Abstract Background

Capturing the Essence of a Moment

Kimi Kuniyoshi Art

Lost and Found in Wonderland

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