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The Metronome

In this vibrant and dynamic abstract painting, colors dance across the canvas, capturing the essence of music through varied textures and brushstrokes. The harmonious blend of hues creates a rhythmic masterpiece that resonates with the viewer's emotions, evoking joy and excitement.


This immersive experience intertwines music and color, inviting viewers to delve into a sensory-rich symphony. Additionally, a parallel is drawn between the fluid concept of time in music and the quantum world, challenging traditional linear views of time and opening up new perspectives on its nature in different contexts.

The Metronome is a vivid soundscape translated onto canvas. Imagine a symphony of color bursting forth, filled with rich, contrasting hues (Orange, Red, Pale Blue, Pink, and Black) that play off each other like musical notes. The energetic brushstrokes themselves dance across the canvas, creating a sense of movement and rhythm. 

There's no single focal point, but rather an invitation to explore the interplay of color and texture. The overall feeling is one of excitement and joy, as if the painting itself vibrates with a dynamic energy. 

While no specific objects are easily identifiable, the title The Metronome hints at a connection to the rhythmic structure of music (excerpt from pages of hymnal music). This might help evoke the experience of listening to a lively, complex piece where instruments interweave to create a unified soundscape.

Medium:  Mixed Media (Acrylic, Oil Pastels, Water-soluble Pastels,                          Masking Tape, and Music Stanzas) 

Dimensions:  48" x 36" x 2"

Price:  $1295.00

Year Completed:  2024

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