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That Which Was to Be Proven

That Which Was to Be Proven intertwines the complexities of our understanding of truth, urging us to apply diverse perspectives to unravel its enigmatic nature. Through vibrant colors and dynamic compositions, That Which Was to Be Proven challenges the conventional beliefs that truth can be confined within rigid boundaries. It beckons viewers to question the unquestionable, embarking on a journey that embraces unconventional approaches to unravel the multidimensional tapestry of truth. This painting serves as a visual meditation on the ever-evolving nature of knowledge and the ceaseless pursuit of perceiving truth from all angles.


This piece challenges conventional truth by exploring diverse perspectives and embracing unconventional approaches.

Medium:  Mixed Media (Acrylic, Spray Paint, and Pages from a Geometry From Euclid                      to Knots by Saul Stahl)

Dimensions:  48" x 36" x 2"

Year Completed:  2023

Price:  Sold

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