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The painting, titled "A Serene Decision," captures the essence of navigating choices in a visually compelling way. Contrasting elements dominate the composition, symbolizing the push and pull of conflicting options we often face. Swirls of color (orangeish, pinkish, red, with yellow and white) and fragmented shapes could represent the overwhelming nature of decision-making.
However, amidst this chaos, the artist introduces elements (three main rectangles intertwined; one red, one grey, and one a black outline of a rectangle only) that promote a sense of calm and introspection. 
Overall, A Serene Decision uses contrasting elements to depict the complexity of choices, while emphasizing the importance of finding inner peace to navigate them effectively.  It's a reminder to quiet the external noise and listen to our intuition as we make decisions that resonate with our true selves.

A Serene Decision

A Serene Decision is a striking piece of art that beautifully encapsulates the theme of decision-making and the intricate nature of the choices we face daily. Measuring 36" x 48" x 2" and completed in 2024, the painting masterfully illustrates the push and pull we often experience when confronted with different directions. The contrasting elements within the artwork symbolize the conflicting options that arise. Amidst this chaos, the piece emphasizes the importance of finding calm and inner peace to make the right decisions. It serves as a reminder to quiet our minds and trust our intuition to guide us towards the path that aligns with our true selves. This artwork is a perfect addition to any space, inviting contemplation and inner reflection.

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