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In this evocative painting, the artist thoughtfully explores the intricate connection between politics, economics, and nature. Through the depiction of turbulent red tides in the Gulf of Mexico, it sheds light on the devastating impact of these recurring events on our delicate ecosystem. With masterful brushstrokes and poignant symbolism, the artwork urges us to confront the urgent need for environmental awareness and proactive measures in our society.


reDtiDe is a mesmerizing painting that speaks of the complex interplay between politics, economics, and the natural world. This captivating art piece takes a deep dive into the pressing issue of red tides in the Gulf of Mexico, bringing to light the destruction they have caused over time. Against the backdrop of a tumultuous political landscape, the reDtiDe invites you to engage with the ongoing realities of our time. This stunning work of art measures 25.25"x13" framed and matted, making it a perfect addition to any home or office. Experience the thought-provoking beauty of the reDtiDe and be transported to a world where art meets activism.


Completed:  2021

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