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Unveiling Self, explores the concept of finding your true self amidst societal expectations.
The artist uses the idea of layers to represent the pressure to conform to societal norms. Imagine a rough, textured surface (a kind of splattering, dripping, and layering of multiple colors primarily red, orange, blue, yellow, white, black) that is slowly being covered by a smoother, more uniform layer (a poured on pale blue dripping both from above and from below). This expanse could represent the way that our true selves can become hidden by expectations from others and begins to cover the words “Exist” and “Existence” which are made with construction mesh and the text from Dostoevsky, “Notes Form the Underground.”
Despite these layers, the painting suggests that our true selves are still there. The rough texture might still be detectable beneath the smooth surface, or there might be breaks in the uniformity that hint at what lies beneath.

Unveiling Self

Existence is a complex topic that delves into reality, consciousness, and purpose. Society often masks deep existential questions, limiting individuals to predefined roles. The painting, Unveiling Self symbolizes how societal expectations obscure individuality. Just as cosmic forces shape the universe, each person navigates personal experiences and societal pressures in search of authenticity. Embracing life's chaos means uncovering one's true self beyond societal norms to connect with the mysteries of existence.


Dimensions:  36" x 48" x 2"

Completed:  2024

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